(Source de l'informations: hôtel Gamboa Rainforest)

Yoga class

Samedi: 7H30 - 8H45

Clothing: something very confortable, like what people wearing on the picture, and slippers.
Place: Los Lagartos restaurant.

Tai-chi class

Vendredi: 7H00 - 8H30

Clothing: Soft and confortable sneakers, long pants or shorts and starchy t-shirt.
Place: Terrace Corutu and in case of rain please ask on the front office.

Night bus to explore the Rain Forest

Tous les soirs: 19H15 (durée: 45 minutes)

It is a drive around the hotel installations with the purpose to find night life animals like capybaras, Iguanas, Frogs, etc.
Clothing: Comfortable clothes. Do not forget your bug spray!

Nature Walk in the Rain Forest

Tous les jours: 9H15 et 15H00 (durée: 45 minutes)

Interesting tour with trained guide which can show how to survive in the Rain Forest.
Clothing: Comfortable long pants, T-Shirt, Hiking shoes or Boots. Do not forget your bug spray and binocular!

Kayaking on the Chagres River

Tous les jours: 11H00 et 16H00 (durée: 45 minutes)

Give you an unforgettable experience.
Clothing: T-shirt, shorts, slippers, hat. Do not forget your sun block!

Biking Exploration Tour

Tous les jours: 13H30 (durée: 45 minutes)

It is a ride in Gamboa Town with trained guide where you ca nget pleasure from knowing new beautiful place.

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