(Source de l'informations: livre des excursions à l'hôtel Gamboa Rainforest)

Aerial Tram

Départ: 9H15, 10H30, 13H30 et 15H00 / Durée: 2-3 hrs / Prix: $50

The Aerial Tram takers the client to the top tree by the only cable car in whole Panama. The rides takes about 15 minutes to get to the highest part of the hill to the hike small path that leads to the Observation tower. From the top then the client can observe the beauty of the nature and the « Corte Culebra » Once on top you will see the breathtaking view of the beautiful Chagres that is the thinnest part of the Panama canal. The way back tales around 45 minutes.
Following part are the Exhibitions as Replica of Indian Village, Fish and Reptile Exhibits, Butterfly house, Serpentarium and Orchid Nursery. During the entire journey, accompanied guide will explain all the wild animals, majestic landscape and plant life of this beautiful rainforest.

Bird Watching - Pipeline Road

Départ: 6H45 / Durée: 3 hrs / Prix: $35

Pipeline Road is known worldwide by specialists in bird-watching because of the great variety of unique species, colors, sizes and songs of birds that can be found in one single place. When the pipeline was planned and utilized during World War II, it was never imagined that today it would become one of the principal places for serious bird-watchers.
While you are enjoying the beautiful birds, your attention will also captived by interesting insects, mammals and other animals that inhabit this enchanting environment below the vast foliage of the giant trees that provide shelter and home for the rainforest inhabitants below. You will feel a part of this tropical paradise, and will become one with the many bird lovers who are enchanted by their beauty and their song.

Chunga Chagres Trail

Départ: à confirmer / Durée: 2-3 hrs / Prix: $25

Those who love to take a long walk in the mornings before beginning the daily activities, will be passionate about this trail. Breathing the pure air and delighting in the peace and tranquility that reigns in this place, you will consider all the marvelous wonders of nature. You will be able to understand the beauty of a dawn or dusk, the storm cloud of a sky in winter and the calm of the dry leaves in the ground in the summer. Chunga is ideal to learn and meditate in the morning of late afternoon. First you will walk for about 30 minutes to reach the shore of the beautiful Chagres river. There you will take a boat for the 30-minute return, offering you the opportunity to explore and discover much more than you have ever imagined.

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