(Source de l'informations: livre des excursions à l'hôtel Gamboa Rainforest)

Camino de Cruces

Départ: 9H00 & 13H30 / Durée: 3 hrs appro. / Prix: $35

This tour not only includes the kayak but also a long walk in the middle of the forest. Camino de Cruces is a historic place for Panama and the South American countries. You can enjoy a combination of Tours: Sports, adventure, vegetation and history. Ideal if you wish to have a whole experience and try to comprehend the majesty of the forest. All the history has a reason. This is a good way to discover it.

Monkey Island Boat Tour

Départ: 8H45, 10H15, 11H45, 13H15, 14H45 & 16H00 (1 hr) / Prix: $35

The feeling of adventure to be passing by Panama canal is never forgettable experience. Starting the tour by passing the Panama canal right beside the huge tankers and container ships. Reaching to the island, the captain of the boat brings the monkeys some fruit and they are coming down from the trees to get them. The White-Face Capuchin, Howler Monkeys and plenty of birds are the main attractions of this tour. Attentive client may see a sloth, always so lazy sleeping in their trees, also turtles, timid but brave at the same time along with the proud caiman and crocodiles that live in the lake. It is a fascinating tour, ideal for nature lovers who like to appreciate aquatic wildlife while they enjoy the gorgeous surrounding tropical flowers, plants and trees. (Source: cahier du Gamboa Rainforest)

Chagres River Boat Tour

Départ: 9H15, 10H30, 13H30 & 15H00 / Durée: 40 mins / Prix: $15

Perhaps the clock is against you; if so you will no doubt be interested in taking a Mini Chagres Tour. The tranquility of the water of the Chagres River allows your boat to glide smoothly along as you feel the enchantment. Surrounded by lush vegetation and the endless number of animals that inhabit the forest, you will fall in love with river because of its history and wild life adventure. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the discovery in the waters of the mysterious Chagres River.

Sport Fishing on the Gatún Lake

Départ: 06H45 / Durée: 3 hrs / Prix: $200 / personne

Those who love fishing will have no doubt about participating in this tour where you can establish your own limits. Lake Gatun will provide us with a variety of species of fish, such as peacock bash, tarpon and snook, among others. You will enjoy a pleasant day and at the end of the tour you will enjoy your work accomplished. Ideal for families whos wish to spend a day together, friends who wish to participate in fishing tournaments or any persons who want to spend a day in the peaceful waters of Lake Gatun surrounded by a majestic landscape.

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