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Kayak Tour on the Panama Canal

Départ: 08H30 & 13H30 / Durée: 2-3 hrs / Prix: $50

If you are one of the people who love and the maximum adrenaline rush, this is your opportunity for adventure in the waters of the Panama Canal. The unique and original thing is to ride a kayak and to discover up close and personal, why the Panama Canal is so famous.

Wildlife observation at Radio Station

Départ: 07H00, 08H30, 10H30 & 13H30 / Durée: 2-3 hrs / Prix: $50

Departing from the marina and going toward lake Gatún, you will take a sightseeing tour by boat to different islands along the way. At one point, ou will stop for a short 30-minutes trek through the rainforest to find the historical remains of the old radio station that was important for the Americans at the time of World War II. In this tour, you will be enchanted by the combination of the beauty of the plants and animals of the rainforest in their natural state and the usefulness of this area during an important era. If you are interested in the canal's history, this tour is ideal.

Noctural Boat Safari

Départ: 19H00 / Durée: 1 hrs / Prix: $40

If you have asked yourself, « What is the wild life doing while we are sleeping? » ... this tour can answer your questions. It's ideal for lovers of adventure and mystery at night. This safari goes in search of plant and animal life on the Chagres River. The expression of the wild night life is what interests us from the simplest to the most complex. Get ready for an experience beyond the common tour! Possibilities include caiman, Capybara, and two-toed slot.

Segway Guided Rides

Départ: 10H45, 14H45 & 16H45 / Durée: 1 hrs / Prix: $46

Ride along the Panama Canal, Gamboa resort and Gamboa Town.
Reservations recommanded.
Early morning rides, upon requestand availability.

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